What are the career options with a criminology degree?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

A BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice will prepare you for a huge range of careers across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Our online and part-time BA degree course allows you to train for a job within the police, probation, prisons, youth work, youth offending services and private and voluntary sectors while fitting your studies around your other work and family commitments. Other opportunities include roles within criminal justice services such as court custody officers and drug & alcohol workers. Graduates can also move into the civil service, journalism or professional positions within the voluntary sector such as fund-raisers and project managers.

Major employers in the UK include central and local government, police forces, the Prison Service, law practices, the Home Office, the National Criminal Intelligence Service, welfare charities and many more.

Popular job roles include:

AcademicBorder Control OfficerCase Review ManagerCourt ClerkCommunity WorkerFraud InvestigatorImmigration OfficerIntelligence OfficerHuman Rights OfficerLegal SecretaryIntelligence OfficerParalegalPolitical AdviserPolice OfficerPrison OfficerProbation OfficerProbation Service OfficerResearcherYouth and Community WorkerYouth Offending Team Officer

Studying Criminology and Criminal Justice will allow you to explore both the social and personal aspects of crime. It examines some of the most serious concerns we face as a society, such as: What causes crime and criminal behaviour? Can crime be prevented? How and why should we punish offenders? And how does criminal justice link to social justice?

It will also equip you with desirable workplace skills such as written and oral communication, problem solving, critical evaluation and research. These skills are desired across a range of industries and prepare our graduates for almost any job role, including ones that are not directly related to the criminal justice system.

Our graduates can also choose to continue their studies with our postgraduate qualification. Studying for a Criminology and Criminal Psychology Masters qualification gives you the opportunity to expand your subject knowledge and build on the skills you have gained during your undergraduate studies.

So in summary, earning a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice can open the door to a host of fascinating careers, many of which provide a unique opportunity to make a positive impact and help improve communities and society.