Make your CV stand out

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Applying for a job in the field of academia requires a great CV – but how should you make sure your CV is really effective?  There are many different forms your CV can take and it is crucial that you structure your application carefully in order to maximise your chances of being offered the chance to sell yourself in person at interview.

While there is no set format for an Academic CV, it should always be targeted specifically at the vacancy.  While you might maintain a ‘blue print’ version of your CV, this is never the one that should be sent in response to an opening.  Instead, it should be your starting point for each application you make.  Every time you submit a CV it should be edited in response to both the advertisement and the additional information you should have researched about the vacancy and employer. 

This article offers advice on how to structure and layout your CV so that it stands out.